AVS Four (4) Zone Matrix Mixer

Product Documentation

Product Information

  • Name:AVS Four (4) Zones Matrix Mixer
  • Model:MM-64

Product Overview

MM-64 is a 4 Zone Matrix Mixer with MP3 Player. It provides a versatile and user friendly system delivery up to five external audio inputs. Two Microphone inputs have Phantom Power and Gain control in the back side panel. The priority function for paging is saved in the Input 1.

Four inputs and MP3 Player can be selected to any Zone or Multi-Zone by each DIP switch. Simple wired remote control for each output zone when you plug in the 6.3mm stereo jack. The maximum level is controlled by the each channel knob on the front panel. A LED will light on if the zone has any signal coming. You can easy to monitor any zone output by the headphone plug-in