Line Source System (Column) - RealSound


The system shall consist of a 2-way line source technology, the equivalent of coaxial assembly for HF and MF drivers in vertical arrays – provides a coherent wavefront over the entire horizontal coverage at all frequencies. The enclosure shall feature five direct radiating 6” MF transducers and three 2” diaphragm compression HF drivers coupled to individual DOSC waveguides. 

The usable system bandwidth shall be 90 Hz to 20 kHz (-10dB). The transducer configuration shall generate a polar pattern coverage of 5° horizontally and -21° vertically arrayed elements. In line source mode, the system shall be curved up to a maximum of 5° for each element and accept a down fill line source array without breaking the wavefront.

Maximum of 5° shall be 127 dB (peak level measured at 1 m under free field conditions using pink noise with crest factor 4).

The long term RMS handling capacity shall be 500 W for both MF sections, 180 W for the HF section, the impedance of each loudspeaker section shall be 8Ω. 




The L-SUB is a recommended subwoofer complement for the L-1 line source array. Operating down to 40 Hz, it allows augmenting the sub-low resources of the systems, by reinforcing the contour or enhancing the throw capability in the low end.

The L-SUB contains two 12" transducers in a bass- reflex tuned enclosure. It provides exceptional impact, high sensitivity, low thermal compression and reduced distortion. The vents feature a progressive profile allowing laminar airflow and reduced turbulence noise, even at the highest operating levels. These combined properties contribute to the sonic qualities of the L-SUB in terms of precision and musicality. The cabinet is made of 15mm Baltic birch plywood to ensure maximum acoustical and mechanical integrity.