CLA Series Speaker - RealSound

Real Sound acoustic engineer has been trying to design good-quality and professional sound system with clear and precise sonic since it was started 10 years ago. The CLA series adopted world-class Neodymium Iron design in 2004. It provides strong, smooth and predictable performance in compact structure while it provides accurate acoustic position. And it was widespread high praise in the whole world industry expert with high sensitivity, high sound pressure and high-pitched sound. It is suited for large or middle size venue.

As meeting the standards of the corrected technology before waveform, it is of extraordinary transparency and perfect coherence when the CLA series cabinets are arrayed horizontally. And when two or three array is used as main sound enforcement, it can effectively convey high SPL to meet the needs of the majority of audio materials. The horizontal coverage is precisely determined by the numbers of speakers. The CLA series is a perfect acoustics sound and of a wide range of applications, small size, high sound pressure, and extremely light weight is the cabinet with excellent performance.


All CLA Series speaker cabinets share the following features

  • - Supported with a full range of mounting and flying accessories
  • - Compound-wood cabinets, finished with rugged water-based texture lacquer
  • - Connector panel with 2 speaker connectors
  • - Recessed metal handles
  • - High-efficiency bass speakers with strong die-cast aluminum frame
  • - Electronic protection for mid range and high range speakers
  • - Baltic birch ply finished with textured, polyurethane black coating