Professional Sound System

AVS Professional Sound System with high compressive strength and sophisticated technology products, the demand for high-end audio engineering.

Active Speaker (2)

Professional Active Speaker

Digital Player & Recorder (1)

The AVS CDP-2S CD/MP3 Player is a simple, cost effective Media Player. It can handle multi task applications, Auto Play and Repeat function adapt Hotel PA Background Music, Variable Speed Control can use on Dancing Room, Bluetooth receiver offer the flexible playback by Mobile device. Anti-Shock provide the stable CD playback quality. 

Mixer (5)

Professional Audio Mixer

Processor & EQ (2)

Professional Sound Processors

Power Amplifiers - RealSound (5)

  • Stadiums, arenas and concert halls.
  • Touring sound reinforcement.
  • Large-scale events.

CLA Series Speaker - RealSound (4)

Real Sound acoustic engineer has been trying to design good-quality and professional sound system with clear and precise sonic since it was started 10 years ago. The CLA series adopted world-class Neodymium Iron design in 2004. It provides strong, smooth and predictable performance in compact structure while it provides accurate acoustic position. And it was widespread high praise in the whole world industry expert with high sensitivity, high sound pressure and high-pitched sound. It is suited for large or middle size venue.

As meeting the standards of the corrected technology before waveform, it is of extraordinary transparency and perfect coherence when the CLA series cabinets are arrayed horizontally. And when two or three array is used as main sound enforcement, it can effectively convey high SPL to meet the needs of the majority of audio materials. The horizontal coverage is precisely determined by the numbers of speakers. The CLA series is a perfect acoustics sound and of a wide range of applications, small size, high sound pressure, and extremely light weight is the cabinet with excellent performance.


All CLA Series speaker cabinets share the following features

  • - Supported with a full range of mounting and flying accessories
  • - Compound-wood cabinets, finished with rugged water-based texture lacquer
  • - Connector panel with 2 speaker connectors
  • - Recessed metal handles
  • - High-efficiency bass speakers with strong die-cast aluminum frame
  • - Electronic protection for mid range and high range speakers
  • - Baltic birch ply finished with textured, polyurethane black coating

Hardware - RealSound (1)

Hardware - RealSound

MA Series Speakers - RealSound (2)

MA Series, Real Sound smallest stage monitor. It achieces a high SPL and feedback stability with remarkable vocal presences, clarily and neutral, balanced plywood , which incorporates the handles, has an impact resistant paint finsh, It threaded inserts and a socket to loundspeaker stand ,

The MA Series range delivers a complete sound reinforcement solution to fulfill the highest demands of audio professionals for both the fixed installation and rental production market. The MA Series delivers the ultimate sonic performance in a compact and multi - purpose package.

Setting up MA series enclosures is quick and easy due to the unique integrated flying hardware system which ensures precision, safety and full compatibiliy with current rigging safety standards. lts compact and wedge-shaped format makes the MA series range equally suited to sound reinforcement application such as front of house, floor monitor and  distributed systems.


MA Apllications 

- Theater, night clubs, and house of workship

- Stage monitor side fill and night clubs

- Can be used as a stand alone system

- Houses of workship, medium to large theaters

- All purpose, compact, flyable subwoofer

- Large scale installs

LCA Line Array - RealSound (1)

LCA-12 - 2 Way Arrayable Loudspeaker Point Source System

No one can do every job with only a single tool, no matter how useful it is. In sound reinforcement, the vertical line array has found great popularity in recent years for a number of good reasons. But real Sound looks further, so we build a line of great self-powered curvilinear array loudspeakers, and then turned our attention towards the other major tool in the live sound toolbox : horizontal arrays. The introduction of the Real Sound series redefines point source systems and sets the new standard in the 21st century.

The LCA-12 arrayable loudspeaker combines Meyer Sound's famed clarity of sound and robust, performance with our latest breakthroughs in horn design, rigging and loudspeaker control to produce and extremely easy-to-use, highly versatile arrayable loudspeaker system powerful enough to act as a main system, but flexible enough to serve in any number of supporting roles - whether horizontal or vertical, flown or stacked. With the level of performance and flexibility, the JM-1P is a wise investment that has a place in every job and on every tour. Real Sound defined the point source array with the classic LCA-12 in 1999, LCA-12 remains one of our top sellers today. With the tremendous technology advances of the last 12 years built into the LCA-12, we are redefining point of source system.

Line Source System (Column) - RealSound (2)


The system shall consist of a 2-way line source technology, the equivalent of coaxial assembly for HF and MF drivers in vertical arrays – provides a coherent wavefront over the entire horizontal coverage at all frequencies. The enclosure shall feature five direct radiating 6” MF transducers and three 2” diaphragm compression HF drivers coupled to individual DOSC waveguides. 

The usable system bandwidth shall be 90 Hz to 20 kHz (-10dB). The transducer configuration shall generate a polar pattern coverage of 5° horizontally and -21° vertically arrayed elements. In line source mode, the system shall be curved up to a maximum of 5° for each element and accept a down fill line source array without breaking the wavefront.

Maximum of 5° shall be 127 dB (peak level measured at 1 m under free field conditions using pink noise with crest factor 4).

The long term RMS handling capacity shall be 500 W for both MF sections, 180 W for the HF section, the impedance of each loudspeaker section shall be 8Ω. 




The L-SUB is a recommended subwoofer complement for the L-1 line source array. Operating down to 40 Hz, it allows augmenting the sub-low resources of the systems, by reinforcing the contour or enhancing the throw capability in the low end.

The L-SUB contains two 12" transducers in a bass- reflex tuned enclosure. It provides exceptional impact, high sensitivity, low thermal compression and reduced distortion. The vents feature a progressive profile allowing laminar airflow and reduced turbulence noise, even at the highest operating levels. These combined properties contribute to the sonic qualities of the L-SUB in terms of precision and musicality. The cabinet is made of 15mm Baltic birch plywood to ensure maximum acoustical and mechanical integrity.